Ceramic Vertical Roaster

Quality Big Green Egg Roasting. Gentle, Even Heat.


The Big Green Egg Ceramic Vertical Roaster allows you to prepare supremely juicy and tender chicken or turkey, right on your backyard grill. A vertical stance allows for even browning and easy carving, while porcelain construction retains heat for steady, even cooking. Ideal for backyard barbecues, or holiday gatherings.  


  • Allows for expert poultry roasting, right from your grill
  • Vertical design provides optimum heat distribution for a juicier bird that carves easily
  • Quality porcelain construction retains heat and supports even, consistent cooking
  • Add juice or beer right into the roaster for a more flavorful bird
  • Chicken and turkey options available

SIZES: Chicken size (small)

Turkey size (large)