Egg Baking Stone

It’s a Big Green Egg Bakery Solution You’ll Love


Big Green Egg Baking Stones allows you to bake restaurant-quality pizzas, breads and desserts, right in your own backyard. Stone provides even heat distribution, and retains heat longer than metal. Meanwhile, its porous nature absorbs water, allowing for a crispy, crusty exterior.   


  • Enjoy perfectly-cooked, restaurant-quality breads, pizzas and desserts at home
  • Heats evenly for thorough and consistent cooking
  • Absorbs moisture, allowing for a crisp, crusty exterior

OPTIONS : Standard, deep-dish and half-moon

SIZES: Deep Dish – One Size

Standard Stone Small – fits MiniMax, Small, Medium, Large, XL, and XXL Eggs

Standard Stone Medium – fits Large, XL and XXL Eggs only

Standard Stone Large – fits XL and XXL Eggs only

Half-Moon Stone Small fits Large, XL and XXL Eggs

Half-Moon Stone Large fits XL and XXL Eggs