Egg Cast Iron Grids

Classic Cast Iron. Big Green Egg Innovation.


The Big Green Egg Cast Iron Grid gives you the classic cast iron cooking experience, right in your Egg. Superior heat conductivity allows for that perfect sear and provides even, steady, long-lasting heat. Flip the grill over, and use the flat surface to sear fish or cook smaller vegetables eggs, pancakes, or chopped meat. Available in sizes to fit any Big Green Egg.


  • Provides a cast iron cooking option for your Egg  
  • Superior heat conductivity allows for an exceptional sear, increasing flavor and retaining food moisture
  • Heats evenly and thoroughly, and retains heat longer than steel or aluminum grids   
  • Flat side allows you to cook items less suited to grill slats, such as vegetables, fish, or pancakes
  • For a larger cooking surface, use two half-moon cast iron grids in your XL Egg, or one half-moon cast iron and one half-moon porcelain grid


  • Standard grid in Mini, Small/MiniMax, Medium and Large Egg sizes
  • Half-moon cast iron grid and half-moon porcelain grid options available for the XL Eggs