Foldable Vertical Roaster

Big Green Egg’s Pack-n-Go Roaster


The Big Green Egg Foldable Vertical Poultry Roaster allows you to cook exceptionally juicy and tender chicken or turkey, every time. A vertical stance allows for even browning and easy carving, while a foldable design allows for easy and convenient storage. There’s even space to add beer or juice for a more flavorful result.  


  • Allows for expert poultry roasting, right from your grill
  • Vertical design provides optimum heat distribution for a juicier bird that carves easily
  • Quality metal construction offers durability and stability
  • Add juice or beer right into the roaster for a more flavorful bird
  • Folds neatly for easy, space-saving storage

SIZES: Chicken size (small)

Turkey size (large)