Gravity Grill Open fire Camping Grill

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Gravity Grill Open fire Camping Grill

  • Game Maker Gravity Grill makes outdoor cooking fun.
  • The Game Maker, Gravity Grill is an ultra-portable campfire cooking system.
  • It sets up & breaks down with no tools needed. The grill easily adjusted with a ‘lift & set’ process – gravity and leverage do the rest
  • The Gravity Grill can be used with any type of fire; from wood, charcoal, propane units, or even high-temperature turkey burners, this heavy-duty grill can handle it all & can easily be adjusted.
  • Simply drive the stake into the ground next to your fire and swing the grill over to cook and back over to serve.
  • Pole dimensions: 36. 75” tall 1. 125” diameter Grill dimensions: 18. 5” x 16. 375”



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