Swing Grill Open fire Camping Grill

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Swing Grill Open fire Camping Grill

GameMaker™ makes cooking fun, quick and easy with the Swing Grill™. It’s our lightweight solution for grilling on the go.

The GameMaker™, Swing Grill™ is an ultra-portable campfire cooking system. It sets up & breaks down with no tools needed with its simple screw system.

Easily adjust the Swing Grill™ grate height for the perfect cooking temperature, which also spins for even cooking. The swing arm allows food to be flipped and removed safely away from the fire.

The Swing Grill™ is perfect for all your grilling needs with nearly 300 sq. inches of cooking space (297” sq. total) and can be used with any type of fire; from wood, charcoal or even propane units.

The GameMaker™, Swing Grill™ is 5 feet tall and can be placed in ground easily with aid from its easy step stake or use bottom half of pole support to hammer into harder ground. It comes apart in seconds for easy storage and portability, making it ideal for all your cooking needs: camping, boating, RV’s, parks, beaches or even your backyard. Where ever you can put it in!



Pole dimensions: 60” tall • .75” diameter
Grill dimensions: 18” x 16.5”
Limited life-time warranty*



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