We Are G5

G5 is more than a name or a brand.  It’s who we are.

Our brand is part of our family heritage. We don’t take that lightly.

In the 1960s, the G5 mark was used to brand the cattle and other livestock on the Glisson family ranch in the heartland of Florida. G represented the family name. The 5 represented family patriarch Ivey William Glisson, his wife Annie, and their three children – a family of five. No one taught us to love the outdoors. It was part of our lifestyle. All of the Glisson children grew up working in the family business, but always had the opportunity to pursue other interestsFarming, riding, hunting, fishing – we embrace these as part of our heritage. With the third generation of Glissons now joining the family business, outdoor interests have become our legacy.

The Early Days

The first phase of extending the Glisson family business was founded in cattle and livestock origins. The Hay Exchange was established in 1995 to provide top quality hays to feed stores, wholesalers and distributors in Florida.

The Hay Exchange founder, Bill Glisson, recognized that cattle and horses could only be as healthy and strong as how they were raised. Finding quality livestock forage and top-quality hay or non-GMO hay in Florida, however, proved to be a bit of a challenge. Drawing from the experiences learned in his early life, Bill decided to change the hay market by scouting and sourcing premium quality hay varieties worldwide. Today you can select from premium varieties like Alfalfa, Timothy, Peanut Hay, Orchard Brome, and more.

After several years in operation, Bill responded to requests from local farmers and horse owners in Plant City, FL and surrounding communities.   by expandingto include a retail for direct purchases of hay, animal health products, feeds, and farm supplies.  We also couldn’t help but add other outdoor products that we love and enjoy during our family gatherings and vacations.

G5 – Beyond the Farm

We believe in family and feel as though our customers are part of that. When they talk, we listen – whether it’s feedback on our high-quality hays and feed or their own suggestions about products they think we should carry. It’s part of our commitment to providing the best in outdoor gear and equipment. As our inventory continues to grow, we will continue to seek out partners who share our values of high-performance, quality, reliability and care, while also offering the newest brands and the latest products developed for enjoying life outdoors.

As we grow G5 Feed & Outdoor, our pledge to you remains the same. We will continue to offer top-quality goods at fair prices, all backed with exceptional customer service.