October 31, 2018

To Our Valued Customers,

It seems that each summer brings a more bizarre weather pattern than the previous and this past one was no exception.  While we experienced what appeared to be excess rain locally, other parts of the country experienced, especially the Western part of the U.S. experienced drought.

As a result, there is a significant part of the west that the demand for forage has far out exceeded the supply.  As the drought plagued parts of the west, the east largely experienced a good growing season.

Overall there will be plenty of good hay this year, but the extreme weather pattern is causing one of the most lopsided pricing of hays we have experienced in our 25+ years in the industry.

So, with that being said, you can expect to see immediate price increase in forages from those drought-stricken areas and fair market value from many other areas. This could equal as much as $7.00 difference a bale in western versus eastern hay.

As always, it is part of our mission to bring you, our customer, quality, value and a freshest selection of hay.  We will continue to offer a selection of quality hays from all the growing regions that we have in the past and by chance, if you are one that experiences a strong price increase in the hay you like, do not hesitate to ask us for options that will bring cost savings.

I hope you find this communication beneficial and if you would like to speak with me please let a team member know.

Thanks for your business and continued support.

Bill Glisson 


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