440 LB KD Tripod Feeder with Digital Timer

Long lasting flexible feeding system.


The 440 LB KD Feeder from American Hunter is designed for wildlife hobbyists and professional game managers alike. Quality construction and innovative features provide easy set-up for years of use.


  Digital Timer

  • 6V and 12V compatible timer
  • LCD screen includes the days days of the week
  • Large stand-alone “test” button
  • 8 available daily feed times 1 to 30 seconds per feeding
  • Adjustable (low, med, high) motor speed control
  • Battery charge level icon includes in-line fuse protection to help guard against power supply overloads
  • 12V motor
  • 3000 RPM
  • 1/4 drive shaft
  • Heavy duty metal housing with no blow slinger


  • Powder Coated galvanized metal
  • Built in funnel
  • Heavy Duty galvinized leg kit