10″ Worm – See inside store for variety of colors

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Our 10″ Worm is great for bass that are relating to the bottom.
This is the worm to throw if you are looking to trigger a bigger bite by presenting the fish with a bigger meal. The 10″Worm has a meaty body and long tail. Most people Texas-rig this worm with a bullet sinker and cast, flip, or pitch it to shoreline cover. After the worm hits the bottom, lift your rod tip up just a little to hop or crawl the worm forward, allowing the worm to settle back into the bottom. When a fish eats this worm and you feel a tap-tap, it is time to set the hook!!

• More salt plus hog lard
• Special plastic and salt formulation to enhance action
• Unbeatable color selection 
• More durable plastic stays on the hook better than the competition= More Bites Per Buck!!

Unbeatable value: Available in 10 count bags. Price: Two bags for $5.00