Barracuda Pro Cast Net (1.4 lb/ft)

Cast confidently with a Barracuda cast net.

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Think all cast nets are made the same? Not so with Barracuda brand nets. Many hours of research and development go into every handcrafted cast net, including underwater testing and slow motion video captures to ensure the quality and durability are second to none.

The Pro Cast Nets Feature:

  • 6 panel construction
  • Custom extruded, ultra strong premium monofilament
  • Double selvage at the lead line AND horn
  • Ultra soft and thick 30′ hand line
  • Big 3″ subdivided horn to keep your braille lines perfect
  • 100 lb braille lines
  • Super duty 12/0 swivel
  • 1.4 lb per foot of marble style lead
  • Higher braille line count than industry standard
  • Rope handle bucket
  • The only lifetime cast net warranty in the business!

What We Love at G5:

Being a locally owned and operated business ourselves, we genuinely like to support other locally owned and operated companies. Founded in St. Petersburg, FL, they continue produce the highest quality lures, nets, gear and tackle under the Florida Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Comanpy, Inc. The Pro line cast nets adhere to the standards of quality and value the company created in the 1920’s, and continue with today. Barracuda cast nets are available for fresh and salt water, and come in various net sizes,  several different colors, mesh sizes and weight. The Pro cast in green netting is shown here.