Bitter’s Vibe – See inside store for variety of colors

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The Bitter Vibe is the perfect worm for swimming or buzzing here in Florida, the swimming worm has become a big player lately. 
It is one of the most versatile worms that we make. This makes a great worm on a Texas Rig, You can swim it just under the surface of the water or buzz it on top weightless. We put a beefy tail on this worm to give you a little more thump on the retrieve. The specially designed hook pocket allows your hook to pop free easier and stick Mr. Lunker. The Bitter Vibe works great on a Carolina Rig when you want a little more action from your bait on the business end of your rig. 

• More salt plus hog lard
• Special plastic and salt formulation to enhance action 
• Unbeatable color selection 
• More durable plastic stays on the hook better than the competition= More Bites Per Buck!! 

Unbeatable value: Available in 9 count bags. Price: Two bags for $5.00