Corkcicle Cooling Tailored to Wine Enthusiasts


The Corkcicle AIR provides an innovative solution for chilling and aerating wine. Its signature icicle frame is a simple yet incredible effective tool for keeping white wines cool, or bringing reds or rose varietals to room temperature on hot days or in warm climates. It also supports aeration during pouring, allowing for balanced taste and flawless enjoyment.


  • All-in-one wine aerator and chiller  
  • Sleek signature icicle design slides easily into wine bottles
  • Keeps white wines icy cold for an hour, and cools room temperature red wines in 15 minutes
  • Aerates wine as it’s poured to expand its aroma and flavor profile
  • Works faster and more efficiently than a traditional decanter
  • Pour-through feature allows for simple and smooth serving
  • Top resembles a cork for a seamless, authentic look
  • Easy to use – simply freeze for 90 minutes, then insert into bottle