Hornady Superformance 6mm Creedmoor

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Hornady 813944 Superformance Hunting 6mm Creedmoor 90 gr Copper Alloy eXpanding (CX) 20 Per Box

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With its increased speed, Superformance produces flatter trajectories and less wind drift for improved accuracy as well as better energy transfer for maximum terminal performance. Highly efficient propellants accelerate the bullet longer, resulting in up to 200 fps increase in muzzle velocity, without additional peak pressure, boosting velocity without extra recoil. The ultimate all-around performer, Superformance is safe in all types of firearms including semi-autos, lever guns, and pump actions.

Brand Hornady
Category Centerfire Rifle Rounds
Series Hunting
Model Superformance
Caliber 6mm Creedmoor
Rounds Per Box 20
Casing Material Brass
Muzzle Energy 2209 ft lbs
Muzzle Velocity 3325 fps
Game Type Medium
Application Hunting
Boxes Per Case 10
Bullet Type Copper Alloy eXpanding (CX)
Bullet Weight 90 gr