Oxbow Essentials Young Guinea Pig Food 25lbs

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Guinea Pig Food
For Young Guinea Pigs

25 pound bag

Oxbow Essentials Cavy Performance Young Guinea Pig Food is a high-fiber, alfalfa-based diet fortified with nutrients essential for growing, pregnant and nursing guinea pigs.

  • Specially formulated to mirror a young Guinea Pig’s natural diet. This will ensure that your pet lives a healthy lifestyle. Not recommended feed for adult Guinea Pigs
  • Fortified with stabilized Vitamin C, help ensure that your pet’s immunity system is in tip-top shape.
  • Includes high-fiber grass hay that promotes healthy gastrointestinal health. Contains lower levels of protein, calories and calcium than alfalfa-based pellets
  • 75% of your guinea pig’s diet should be grass hay and Guinea Pig is not intended for growing, gestating or lactating guinea pigs.
  • Made of high-quality, all natural hay.
  • Made in the USA.