Record Rack Golden Deer Nuggets

A Simple Solution for Feeding Wild Deer


Sportsman’s Choice Record Rack Golden Deer Nuggets provide an exceptional alternative to standard deer corn. A wild berry scent and flavor attracts deer and enhances consumption, while a durable nugget shape allows for easy hand-feeding, ground feeding and spin feeding. Optimum levels of trace minerals, vitamins, protein, fiber and fat support premium antler growth while bolstering deer immune systems and minimizing digestive issues. Golden Deer Nuggets are also maintenance-free and eco-friendly; they eliminate corncob waste, and feature a non-toxic formula that’s safe for all wildlife.

  • Highly nutritious, convenient and tasty alternative to common deer feed
  • Durable nugget shape facilitates hand-feeding and ground-feeding, and works well with many spin feeders
  • Trace minerals support antler growth
  • Advanced extrusion technology for exceptional palatability and easy digestion
  • High fat and fiber content and minimal starch and sugar for minimal digestive upset
  • High protein content for superior growth
  • Wild berry flavor attracts deer and encourages them to eat more