Tall Timber Gabriel

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The Tall Timber Gabriel is our Premium Box Call which features double thumbholes on the box to allow easy and perfect clucks and cuts. The name is derived from a book written by Will’s good friend Charles Whittington. Mr. Whittington wrote about his Turkey Hunting exploits in 1971 in a book entitled, Tall Timber Gabriels.  He affectionately called a gobbler “Old Gabriel” after an angel.  Hence Tall Timber Gabriels because gobblers sing each spring from their tall timber perch sending out their love song for all to hear.


We have put all that we know and cherish about the box call as an instrument into this call: the choice of woods, the curves of the striking surfaces, the shape and cutouts of the sideboards as well as the finish to give you the finest instrument in reproducing the sounds that “Old Gabriel” so badly wants to hear.


  • Dual thumbhole positions for clucks & cuts
  • Premium Sapele & Purple Heart wood​
  • Laser Engraved​
  • Hand Tuned