Bull Bay Rods
“Feel the bite”

When founder Kelly Phillips had to make repeated trips to a local bass pro shops with broken fishing rods that were continually breaking, he finally had enough. This moved forced Kelly to do heavy research on as many fishing rod companies as he could find, never truly finding one that matched what he was looking for. After running across a local ad in the Lakeland news paper about custom fishing rods he decided to pay the store a visit. After meeting with the local custom rod builder Kelly had his heart set on establishing the company you see today on values and principles that no other rod company provides. Kelly wanted to create unique fishing rods that would stand the test of just about any type of fishing you could do, backed by a lifetime warranty and great customer service.

After about a year of testing and development Kelly and the Bull Bay Rods team found the blank they were looking for to complete the envisioned rods. A very small, soon to be out of business, custom blank maker out of california sent over some blanks with the requested actions and ratings from Kelly. Once the blanks were placed on the bending table Kelly knew these were the future of Bull Bay Rods. To this day Bull Bay Rods has proprietary use of the blanks they design calling them the BBR HYBRID Series.

Kelly and son Dustin Phillips now run Bull Bay Rods together, doing extensive research and constantly developing their products to stay a step ahead of the fishing rod competitors. Together they have created exclusive grips in which they call the “SenZigrip”, a rubber molded foregrip that goes directly on the blank and enhances the sensitivity bringing vibrations of your lures right into your hands. The SenZigrips can also be customized with colors, patterns, stickers, etc. bringing anglers a new level of personalization to fishing rods never seen before. The new production lines – Reel Animals Siganture Series and Tactical Series can be found in our retail locations on the “Store Finder” tab.

Bull Bay Rods

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