Emphasis on Nutrients Over Ingredients. Nutrena understands that nutrient content of ingredients varies widely based on seed type, climate, soil, and processing methods. We formulate our feeds accordingly to assure that every bag of Nutrena® horse feed delivers optimal nutritional value.

Verified Nutrition Analysis. We’re able to select the most appropriate ingredients because we maintain current nutrient values for over 180 different ingredients from over 1100 suppliers.  Our data bank allows us to verify that the ingredient composition of our feeds meets specific, consistent nutrient levels.

Proper Nutrition for Optimum Performance. Meeting minimum nutrient needs may result in horses achieving only minimum performance standards. By the same token, excessive quantities of a nutrient may have a negative effect on performance. Nutrena takes into consideration all these variables when formulating a horse feed.

Optimum Nutrient Fortification

The Truth About “Locked Ingredient” Feed Formulas. “Locked ingredient” feed formulas may not lock in consistent levels of nutrition. That’s because the nutritional profile of each feed ingredient can vary from load to load depending on seed type, growing conditions and time of harvest. As a result, one production run may produce the desired product, but the next batch can be quite different nutritionally.

Rest Assured with Our “Restricted” Formulas. Nutrena “restricts” the minimums and maximums that nutrient levels are allowed to vary – ensuring consistency in product appearance, palatability, and integrity. By restricting a formula rather than “locking” a formula, you can rest assured that the nutrition your horse requires will be in every bag of Nutrena® horse feed you purchase. 


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