Corkcicle Invisiball (SPECIAL ORDER)

Corkcicle Has the Stylish Solution for Cold, Never-Watered Down Drinks


The Corkcicle Invisiball allows you to create a perfectly smooth, crystal-clear sphere of ice, right in your own kitchen. You can even add stunning artistry and subtle flavor to any drink by inserting herbs, flowers, or fruit in the sphere’s center. The Invisiball melts very slowly, ensuring a fully-flavored drink every time.


  • Create smooth, crystal-clear ice spheres in your own kitchen  
  • Sleek and elegant appearance adds artistry to any glass
  • Sphere melts slowly – drinks are never watered down
  • No impurities or air bubbles – drinks taste clean and crisp
  • Simple to use – connect the silicone mold halves, fill the tumbler with water, freeze for 24 hours, and remove the ice sphere
  • Add herbs, flowers or fruit for a stylish look and a subtle hint of flavor
  • Freeze and store balls ahead of time for parties
  • Includes silicone Invisiball ice form mold and 24-ounce Gloss White Tumbler