The Smart Way to Split Your YETI Cooler Space


YETI dividers allow for easy customization and organization of YETI coolers. The dividers fit snugly into molded grooves within each cooler, ensuring stability and easy assembly. They are sturdy enough to hold up to the cooler’s contents, and tough enough to be used as cutting boards.


  • Sizes: 35/45 short, 50 short, 65 short, 65 long, 75 short, 75 long, 105/125 short, 105 long, 110 short, 110 long, 125 long, 160 short, 160 long, 210 short, 210 long, 250 short, 250 long
  • Provide simple, yet effective organization – separate catches or create storage space
  • Fit snugly into pre-molded YETI cooler grooves
  • Can be used as cutting boards