Doghouse Spring Steel Blind


A quick and easy set up blind for convenience on your next hunt.

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Getting sent to the doghouse is no longer punishment; it’s the greatest reward. The Doghouse® spring steel blind travels easily and sets up quickly to conceal two hunters inside. The exterior features a large, open window perfect for firearm hunting, with the option to add provided shoot-through mesh covers to each porthole. The matte finish of the Durashell™ Plus fabric and 3D Edge ReLeaf® trim blend well with the natural environment, and an interior ShadowGuard™ coating helps eliminate shadows and silhouettes.


  • Includes: Backpack carrying case, Stakes & High-wind tie-downs
  • Shoot-through mesh porthole covers included
  • Durashell™ Plus fabric shell with matte finish
  • ShadowGuard™ coating eliminates shadows and silhouettes
  • Patented 3D Edge ReLeaf® trim breaks up hard edges for a fully brushed-in look


  • Pack Size: 2″ x 27″
  • Height: 78″
  • Weight: 12 lbs.
  • Window Openings: 7
  • Window System: Zipper
  • Shell Fabric: Durashell™ Plus
  • Footprint: 60″ x 60″