Sunglo Calf Finisher

Complete feed for finishing cattle 120 days before end-point.


  • Advanced protein and amino acid nutrition: Unlocks the calf’s potential for muscle growth and development with select sources of non-degradable and rumen degradable proteins to promote rumen microbial growth and furnish the best complement of essential amino acids.

  • Optimal energy nutrition: Matches the calf’s energy needs with multiple sources of energy as weight gains shift from growth to finishing; promotes efficient growth and development and finishing with reduced risk of digestive upsets (off-feed problems, acidosis, burnout) sometimes seen when excessive cereal grains are fed.

  • Optimal trace minerals: Proteinated copper, zinc, manganese and cobalt provide highly bioavailable sources of these key trace minerals for protein synthesis and energy utilization and to help maintain tissue integrity, support the immune system response and help maintain show condition of hair coat and hide.

  • Rumen and Gut health technology:  Aids feed intake and helps reduce risk of digestive upsets and burnout over long feeding periods.